Monday, 1 July 2013

the stars

the stars in my skies
are brighter than the lights in ur eyes...

so lets start this

o hell
how much do i need u
oh yes
hand over ur heart
a heart like myne
i need
to be where u sit
so come on lets fuckn go
lets do this shyt

it seems u came climbing
thru my window
talked ur way thru
the knives in the linning
of my pillow case, face it u did this
so dont leave me here
all on my own

incase u missed that moment
im talking of him.. yeah woah' men all em

tha man that ripped me appart
then told me to get it 2gether

how funny muny taken
u well,.... by the sunny side up
ridding up
knights jus for fun

u looking
invisible so easy to please
jus turn u on then leave

me behind
and tell me
three times over to get my arse to u
and make it hurry and fast
to last the long time

i gotta beat u and ur endeavors
well u know dam well how long
a hoe take to get to the top of the game
and the music game is hard to make a break so
sit tall standing to high in ur far out clouds
telling me how easy it was
take another look backwards
noter..go on
then find a new line hunny

oh it seems u have but we waiting in anticipation so freely
its not like ur infinite made u millions
until ur 2nd album came out

or perhaps i dont now ur history that well
and im wrong
im stumbling ur way whether storm and all
so ur gonna have to face the real aftermath
of all that urve been saying
her knowing is so not wrong

it seems i thought of mariah and still
i let u inspire me to write this song
dope well on that tail lets tell
i gave up last year but i still got the gear
to write these line so dam fuckn fine

u hearing this in ur segmented fear
of plea(r)sure
so plea_ur to her and then to me
that no one else would writ a ryme
that could compete and completely beat ur bee
he sits in ur bonnet of lines and super sonnets
and then u find the goddess and the well wishers here

well well woman here i stand
drop ur plan keri of love shop
liki from head to the bottom of whats rot
those words are a curse to young girls ears
so take these lines and spike ur tears

but thats another story from wat was and to the glory
here i write about u and soon ill spit u out ooooo

so lets face this make this taste this
fake it, this is the reality of what urve done

u sup a web around me and now
u now this flying high flyer has won

so lets get thru this
to you

why not other wise its just a sick sack
of sorrow in both our hearts
hand over my eyes my hearts not blind
even when i cant see
and im in the darkest of days
ur there so what to do
get there
i agree
blend in with me
make me laugh
why not
it can be
it can be
it can be

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