Monday, 1 July 2013

old draft

the dawn
with out the sun
i run
away from the forest
and into a new way
of living through
the height
the dawn
without the sun

if seeing is believing
then we believe in the times
of today and our life

if speaking is seeking
then we seek in the times
of today and our life

if adream we are dreaming
comes to be truth
then we seek to be seeing
something to believe in times
of today and the life

then finally the sunshine shows
and now the dawn is rising
yet its midday
althought never too late

say we all of us
as its been so long since the rising sun
that darkness now only finds us in a place of fear
evil is spreading darkness creeping into that inner space of we all of us

time in now it is only time for the believer to find goodness in this feet
dance up to the passing of this day
gone by
so shine midday dawn

the pressance of one daughter
the father knows only too well her task is the hardest yet
individuals are takin in this modern face
that her task set she did under no messure will time let her be beat
but the beat of music makes her everyday see the rising
dawn to dusk she loves
night fall brings only another wonderful day
so say to the lord of life
we make this earth a place that one day everybody will be grateful
and proud that we are together
in this level of heaven called earth
its only still a step away
just one step to take
on this path to blessed pasture

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