Wednesday, 28 August 2013

guess the topic: take a-s/hot=hit

topic telling step one

i gotta nice butt

u gotta nice strut

yet wait u say u like my whole body

woah that was sarcasm right
seems u think im blind
problem is
ur the one who dosnt see me standing
ryt behind ur back left and thats right where im kept
over the shoulder for luck
salt in ur wounds yet  mallutt- mallet-(may u let speak)
that being my word for male slutt or male mutt

oh but u knew that yet NOt
on that topic

ur no fool then
perhaps i make u my tool then

dont no where u stand tho do u man
perhaps ur too cool to make a stand

u take well constructive criticism
so well u made it into a complement on ur time

"the watchers"  are actually mine

as is the time on ur watch
so shock.....2
tick tock to who
what the fuck you too?

just one of.. another sumbody
like everybody
in the middle of..
the fickle you,
the fuck it all finger
the system and the world

sumthing u dont seem to get
my stand is abit of a "stan"
not so fucking crazy
but so planned

part 2, stand stan'ning it
i know dam well how well i strut

complete honesty is my butT
so then
rebuttal tree..HE(he) thee, three
sumthing is in that,
in which u should watch wat follows

"dont come unless u come to battle me"

sad but free
saddle me
straddle thee
sandals be
sit on that oh no that may-be my numbers of persuasion type 3 for free

fuck im retaliating like that alligator that jus keeps fuckn tail gaiting

riding on the back of u, and ur work..well so be it, its called this..
"u inspire me man so tryda understand you do want me as ur fan" tail bird bitch
swallow bird bitch bak up ur words and since u shitted them out well how bout u be the one with the shit jammed mouth
tight tied shut
screaming BUT UR BUTT
well my butt buttered u up well
and my words jammed shut ur sarcastic intel igance/ignorance
my chance is in this now
so can u tell where u stand or sit
pic up u shoes and ur bit
white fire
ur the rapper mike miars
the liar, the donkey joker
but u know ur self better as the sweet and sugar for female wires
and flip past ur charm or cunning arms
evil the bad the evil
and love is evil spet backwards
its the pronunciation in action of the 'o' evol

or '
love is evolution
music is the way of revolution
music makes the world turn
so fuckn burn ryt here BABy
step 1 ..double B
step 2...double Y
step 3 ...double M
spells b d MAMY
so fix u shoe buckles the cry ur freaky blue ewh new unreal eyes
oh an ur flying to low
and im touching here my skies
i said my skies
u limited ur playing field..wielded
im welding together all my abilities

inspiring music eminem'in'na
minute man
u can have ur battle bag back

thank you my fan
em aka my version of stan'ley ann

and yip that is the
fact that
aint that the exact plan
the hand u hold that lifts me up
oh and my butt
with a double T
{(u know who billy T James is?)}
or understand the message a fantail brings?

do ur research then u will get to see

lost one
I just won one more

round four
smack that
"slimy shad'e"
just hit the KO FLOOR
knock knock - yep he's out
Game over thrown
survival of the fit and fitter
throne of urs
over and above all uve been shown
and in the mean time
while im knock knock knocking on heavens door

u self prophesied evil
come bak to and stand
to see through the colours and stars in ur eyes
my hand lifted to air
because yeah
im winning this
slimming tips
of the ego trip
ur on

colours are going
rose tint faded to...

Maori te reo for Yellow
ur a tad now oh so Mellow
allow me to introduce myself
no longer awol

im Sarah*LUCY
princess *of LIGHT
as previously stated in track one (play ur part)
this is directly translated from
hebrew and latin language origins

oh and u know what else rhymes with orange aside from plain old porridge?
boring urself in the poor rage u must be feeling now
to here what word im about to spell
forcing u to forage
for that one orange line u sniffed out so well
hunted and hot yip me and ur not
childhood taunts are about to be popped locked and dropped

ur forging while im gorging on my non- dictionary trained mind
this is natural so so well dam timed talented sign of the finest wine...
mine is water in fact ill take u back to the slaughter of my house
pure spoken me..yes this miss of words worth ..
more than a self-taugh binded finding..
within a dictionary or thesaurus i should jus call u old school go back to school u dinosaur russ-russ'tling up the...rusty buckets tryna hustle up muscle up
guzzule up yup yup

i may be pinocle pin up girl pinnocio and pocahuntus
put to-get-her to poke my toe into this game
or perhaps i just enjoy to haunt-yus
and put a flaming light shinning directly into ur kinda fame

back to the nannanana im back my name is same same but differently the train goes
across tracks while u blatantly snap back
who am i what am i more to the point
i am whatever u say i am
i say then since u have given me that ryt
get on ur fecking bye-cycle just coz that tyre is flat
dosent mean u cant get out of here
and bring back the nature of poetic rap justice
so say i and i say this
quotes from the Em bable bible of dribble backwards
eminam aint no revolution like a fight for no war in vietnam

so then say he and he did say thee
and when im gone
so when was gone to em coz that gone drama created palm
tree needs to be set free

so say i and i say thus

itll be beautiful (when ur stan fan did i take to fucking long to reply with a full set of songs)
the will
will result to be seen is just that there will be room for more to be adored
one two three or ten ontop
stop the success or ability for many men to be called hip hop

oh and back to the slim shady lady stats
of name dropping rats
or cats
outlawd by their hats
simplistic mediocrates
that medicate society
with persuasive bats within the bassic bass beat watch the youth twerking like tarts lined up in the street

side lined and side tracking myself now from what else here i found
and ur stage name of ego well
str8 up
m and m
na na na na na na na
me me me me me me
em em em em eminem
(chicken dance)
by far
so now ur stan'ning it
in ur stance
how many words u got that beat S
this is an easy essay to play upon
allitteration and sibilance
silance find ur eye lids and 9 inch nails but dont do as the syco master plasters ur soul with
find ur sirens revolt and find BALANCE in each one of ur eye lids now open up ur awarness to the violence and how it myt just affect us a prime ates..coz EVE ate the apple see and 8 is the greatest number to find free, peace luck love porsperity and harmony all in the infinate shape of eight being eaten as a lesson also in biodynamics
damit ranted!

eyes is I AM- SOUL IS THIS THAT IS_SPIRIT LIVES AS ME PHYSICALLY _ SO GIVE LOVE TO THEE BEING _ SELF IS U AND IT IS PERSPECTIVE VIEW---- SO SIGHT THUS BEEN THAT OF -this is the window space to ur soul as are ur ears the place in which audial messages begin to provoke a hole in what so called whole which really is whats oh so hollow now swallow now sparrow jack rabbit jeckity jerk gerk berzerk
yup this is it

i will take my moSt Loved Line
gagging for more
here it is without the stutter u evil door
slaughter and laughter are the same word
its just and S that differs
would that then be semantically sentencing laughter to a death wish (that being the meaning of slaughter and all)

woops ur beginning to quiver
shivering in ur shoes while i deliver the news
wel come here not is what u really want to say
but u choose to confuse the whos
oh not i
welcome to our house
nope im good thanks
u can keep ur slaughterhouse shanks and toe/ hoe/whore jams
coz here me roar
hear me rioting
and write here i just declared WAR
rawities are my rarities
so wheres my snare
and the while u sneeze a choo u choose not me
jerk on cheese balls
bitch please

u r retarded
not to recognise talent

well spent on been hell proof
so for factual truth to truth
top to not at all
ur highly anticipated
"im delivering my album LATE'
album number 8
will it be the finale curatin call
coz in ur words there is so much evil and
hate for one who is seen as so straight to the curve ball
shut ur gates

here in NZ we do it for the love of music
and all the joy ..GAYETIES that music brings
pleasure and pain
revolutionary gain for the state of the nation
that nation that is known as the world
not just white americas whittled away pig tale curl
"red heck batman that bitch just ripped my neck"

yep fuckn yep

"GATMAN she did it all"
without a tool belt of support and not a Dr in sight
tight lines
and just her passion for whats right
ability to write
and her knowledge of how she will light up the night
not with rubys diamonds and a fifty cent piece

so know u can say "thats all she wrote" all over again
em my friend!

[please excuse any spelling errors that wasnt where i got my good grades in high school, yet sumhow english was my top subject in my final year in completing the new zealand education system)}}

I b4 E except after C


how knew that evil flew the coupe

pink pigs fly

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog / dazy log

crazy hog

whats fog?

c ya

see you
is free

and jus so u all know..i did this just because i could..cheesey moves chess mate
da da dam!

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